You have a great cause, some dynamic ideas and a few key leaders. Where do you go from here?

Let us evaluate the challenges faced by your organization and help you develop and implement a resourceful action plan.


Every good idea requires financial support to make it work.


Through clarity, discipline, attention to detail and a focus on measurable results, Richard Taylor Associates can guide your organization to increased philanthropic support.


Long-term success of a nonprofit organization depends on attracting volunteers, helping them become stakeholders in the mission and keeping them engaged and enthused.


We provide tactful volunteer orientation and coaching, founded on integrity, compassion, reliability and leading by example.


Your organization could benefit from experience and knowledge that it does not possess internally. Should you consider counsel; and if so, how do you select and engage with a reliable professional?


Ask for references.


Look for a comfortable fit for your organization with the consultant.


Select a consultant experienced in the services you are seeking.


Select a consultant who has addressed the challenges you are experiencing.


You are investing in advice and recommendations based on the consultant's experience, knowledge and expertise. Our firm's recommendations are founded on time-tested principles and designed to address your organization's challenges.